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Bahman Safi Hessari Kancho After years of researching and studying different martial arts and studying the method of hand-to-hand combat and close conflicts in self-defense and combined combat inspired by the positive points of the best martial arts such as judo, jujitsu and karate in the combat and combat system One-on-one and combined combat with the combination of sports science and the application of human physiology and anatomy in the type and method of combat invented and recorded a new style

Shin Do Kyokushin has become one of the best fighting methods in the world by using the most practical combat techniques in hand and foot kicks as well as a coherent program for using throwing techniques and continuing the fight on the ground.


This style is a combination of: The practical techniques of control karate and free karate are judo, jujitsu and self-defense. Introducing the style that will be discussed in connection with the beginning of its activity, is in fact a purely sports-martial organization that has tried to develop and expand martial arts among the people in order to discover talents and attract them and cultivate them and all control styles of karate (1. Shitorio 2. Vadorio, 3. Gojurio 4. Shotokan and 5. Kyokushin karate style and self-defense and other authorized styles that have been approved by the competent sports organizations and approved by the President of the World Organization.

Shin Do Kyokushin emphasizes martial arts combined with performing techniques and the students of this discipline have high muscular strength. Powerful blows to the hands and feet, like a human weapon in any fight, show the superiority of the students in this field Inspired by the power of Kyokushin Karate and the speed of karate scoring styles, as well as applied judo and hapkido techniques in bowling, throwing, and jujitsu techniques in managing and surrendering ground combat, Shin Do Kyokushin has been able to provide the world with the most practical self-defense

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